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“It is truly AMAZING and my favorite, I always have it on me. INSTANT pain relief if skin gets cuts, blisters, wounds, scratches, abrasions, ets. I decided to introduce it to our dear REZOTONE customers” ~ JULIA RA, Rezotone Founder


A natural universal remedy for the protection and restoration of the skin.


It has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, healing, rejuvenating and analgesic effects. 



– for various skin injuries: frostbite, burns, redness, irritation, wounds, cuts, cracks, abrasions, scratches, inflammation, suppuration, diaper rash, bedsores, eczema, stretch marks, peeling, swelling, boils, acne, viral warts, seborrhea, insect bites and venomous snakes.

 – for arthritis, joint diseases, varicose veins.

 As a cosmetic product, it perfectly softens the skin, nourishes it with valuable oils and minerals, restores and rejuvenates.

 The delicate texture is suitable for everyone: both adults and children

 It has a pleasant smell, softly and easily lays down when applied.

 Modern research in the field of the effects of plant components and minerals on tissues, together with ancient knowledge about human nature, has allowed us to recreate a unique healing agent. Special components and rare oils ensure excellent preservation of this natural product.


Ingredients: natural oils: corn, hemp, amaranth, monarch, castor oil; essential oils of thuja, fir, cedar, lavender; beeswax, cedar oleo- resin with chestnut, tincture of hemp root; extracts of oil nettle, yarrow, burdock, chamomile, kalendula, peppermint, Kuril tea, kalgan; vitamins A, E.




In winter, before going outside and at night, lubricate the lips, cheeks and nasal mucosa with balm.

Small wounds, cuts, scratches, abrasions should be lubricated with Tibetan balm several times a day, larger ones should first be disinfected, then apply the balm and close the cut with a patch or bandage.


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