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Rezotone SFS Spectral Signal Bracelets BUNDLE


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3 x Rezotone SFS Spectral Signal Bracelets

This BUNDLE contains the following 3 SFS signal bracelets


A new product is brought to you by the creators of the USB Rezotone 

Made from 100% silicone, the bracelets are comfortable to wear. They retain information and transmit it to the organs that need healing.


LIST of SFS  Spectrum signals:


# 2.

SFS Spectrum signal: “Anti-stress” , is a BLUE COLORED bracelet

The blue bracelet contains SFS signals for a focused mind.




# 3. SFS Spectrum signal: “IDEA” is a GREY COLORED bracelet

«IDEA» spectral signal is to promote brain health and helps to protect from spike proteins, removes stagnation, and headaches.

Limit the use of the bracelet after 5-6 pm.. During the initial use of the bracelet, you might experience sensations in the body, this is normal., as the SFS energy is cleaning out the body from toxins. Start wearing the bracelet gradually, eventually leaving it on your hand 24/7 if you wish.


# 4. SFS Spectrum signal “ENERGY” is a BRIGHT GREEN COLOURED bracelet

This energy bracelet is to help restore strength in people who have suffered from illness and stress, who engage in hard physical labor, such as athletes.

It has a general toning and restorative effect.

Helps to resist stress and mitigate its effects.

Attention! It is advisable to wear the bracelet in the morning.

It is not advised during pregnancy and lactation.