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Gardening the Soul Sessions

"The sacred principles of life have never been written down: they belong to the heartbeat, to the rhythm of the breath and the flow of blood. They are alive like the rain and the rivers, the waxing and waning of the moon. If we learn to listen we will discover that life, the Great Mother, is speaking to us, telling us what we need to know.“ ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee””


Jody BergsmaGardening the Soul is time and space to  meet, speak, look within, uncover, clear, nurture, and grow. 

In this space we journey together as the gardeners of your inner world. We will witness, listen, talk, reflect, pull up the weeds, quieten the mind, give voice to the heart, sift the wheat from the chaff. We peel back the layers of the dulling, old skins, bringing that which has been hidden within the deep, sometimes dark soil up and out into the light. 

This space is an invitation to compassionately weed the garden of your soul, travelling into the deep roots and self-seeding weeds of wounding, trauma, self sabotaging patterns and behaviours; releasing tension, blame, judgements, victimhood & shame; allowing the rivers of grief to flow.

I listen, ask questions, refect and share tools. We work with and honour the mud, out of which new energy and life blossoms and grows. 

Each session is unique, attuned to what you need and wish to explore. This may include:

  • Soul tracking, inner work for transformation
  • Shamanic / energy work
  • Exploring the physical, emotional, mental bodies; and ways to restore harmony from within
  • Release & forgiveness work.
  • Re-awakening creativity & living your purpose
  • Sharing your story, being herd, being witnessed
  • Moving through grief, bereavement, deaths & completions of relationships
  • Sacred Feminine journeying, teachings, healing
  • Meditation, breathwork
  • Sound therapy
  • Stress reduction, relaxation
  • Reconnecting & attuning with Nature
  • Ceremony & ritual
  • Diet, plants and natural wellness

Like lovingly tending a beautiful garden, Gardening the Soul helps us to remember how to love and respect ourselves​ and ​cultivate harmonious relationships with the natural world.

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Sessions are 60 mins.
Suggested donation: £50 - £70
(on a sliding scale - please give within your means).

If the above rates are still not financially feasible for you, please get in touch. I wish for everyone who is drawn to this work to be able to receive it.

For deep work and creating transformation in your life, it is recommended to have a series of sessions. You will know what is right for you. 

 Sessions are offered through Zoom/phone and in person (when available)

​Please contact me for a ​free introductory consultation to ​see if we are suited to work together​



Artwork - "Lucas Lima" (wolves) and "Hidden Spirit" by Jody Bergsma 











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