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Aluna Healing Retreats

One of "Scotland's Top Wellness Retreats" - Scottish Field Magazine

Our retreats are an immersion in a transformative healing environment, "that nurtures inner growth and self-belief. They are deeply precious reminders of who we are on this Earth; what is our calling, our work and our joy."

Held in some of the most extraordinary, powerful landscapes in the British Isles, the retreats are beautiful, life changing journeys of cleansing, renewal and rejuvenation through yoga, meditation, ancient wisdom, nature connection, detoxification and spiritual practice.

In the world today we are faced with the challenge of clean living in a world which has become toxic in many ways. Many of us are awakening and feel called to return to ways of living that are in harmony with Nature, and realise that in order to bring change and transformation to our world, all healing must begin within.

The essence of these retreats focuses on ancient wisdom, exploring the context of where we (humanity) stand in this moment in time. Offering tools for transformation and wellbeing, the retreats include daily walks through majestic landscapes, yoga and meditation practices, cleansing and healing foods including smoothies, fresh juices, and nourishing meals. Each day through sacred circle work, group dialogue and silent inner reflection, personal growth and support is offered within a safe, nurturing space.

Join us on a magical journey, as we sow our seeds for the future...

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