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Solfeggio Frequencies - The Healing Tones of Creation

Sound and vibration is the fabric of the universe. Everything is created and given form out of vibrations of sound and light. In relationship with all living things, we are vibrating and resonating continuously, each a part of a living web of life. Each piece has its own original and unique vibration and perfect state of resonance - its own pitch and tone.

In a state of optimum health, we resonate with this original frequency as a finely tuned instrument plays in perfect tone, and all the parts of us play as an orchestra in a harmonious symphony. Every thought and emotion is a vibration. Our experiences in life shape and form us, and affect our ability to resonate with the essence of our soul as we are drawn towards either love and the energies of the Divine, or lower vibrations through our wounding, fears, conditioning and misperceptions.

When we are healthy, everything in our body vibrates in harmony or resonance. Dis-ease results when a part of our body begins to vibrate at a different rate, out of harmony with the rest. Fear is a vibrational state that creates a closing down and tension or dis-ease within our system.

The noise and disturbance of the mind prevents us from being able to fully feel and be present in the heart. Healing is a process of bringing back into alignment that which has come out of balance with the natural harmonic flow and resonance; to raise our vibrational frequency towards a state of love and openness. As we come back into resonance with our essence, there is a letting go and release of disharmonic tensions. We feel the resonance of the Soul.



“If one can focus one’s heart on music, it is just like heating something which was frozen. The heart comes to its natural condition, and the rhythm regulates the beating of the heart, which helps to restore health of body, mind and soul, and brings them to their proper tone. The joy of life depends upon the perfect tuning of mind and soul.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

As we are made of vibration, and everything is vibrating, sound has a profound effect and influence upon us. It touches our emotions, our minds, our physical bodies and our hearts. Sound is vibration and we hear sound not only through our ears, but also through our bones, our skin, and every cell.

We can train ourselves to listen deeply through feeling vibration in our bodies. Through feeling, we listen. And in the listening, we feel. In the feeling there is an opening of the energy body, connecting our energy, emotions and inner being.
In that being, the mind is no longer engaged. We enter into the present space of the heart – the place where the soul shines. It is our own profound ability to listen - to perceive, feel, grow, create and heal - that brings about profound effects, and awakens the soul.

As you listen to Anima's music, allow yourself to open. Let the sounds wash through you. Sound has a power that penetrates deep into the heart. Open your heart and feel....


Solfeggio Frequencies and the Chakras

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word which translates as vortex, spinning wheel, circle or cycle of movement; Chakras are vortexes or energetic centres in the subtle body, located at the physical counterparts of the major plexuses of arteries, veins and nerves. They are the major centres of spiritual power in the human body which balance, store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical and subtle bodies. Each chakra is associated with an organ system, an element, colour, sound, emotional state and purpose.

396hz and the Root Chakra

The frequency 396hz is associated with the first Chakra “Muladhara”, located at the base of the spine. Muladhara is our “root support” or foundation, and governs issues around physical survival and self preservation, such as our needs for food, shelter, nourishment and the urges for reproduction. The chakra is also our connection to Earth, and what allows us to ground and root into Earth. It rules over the legs, bones, adrenal glands, colon, kidneys and spinal column.

When this chakra is balanced we feel healthy, alive, centred, grounded, physically secure, and full of vitality. If the root chakra has too much energy flowing through it, this could cause selfishness, greed, domineering, aggression and sexual lust. Too little energy flowing through the base chakra can cause feelings of anxiety, lack of confidence, fear and insecurity, feeling unloved, low sexual energy, problems with money and being ungrounded.

Practices with 396hz and the element of Earth:

♦ Go out into Nature and walk barefoot on the land. If you are unable to do this, visualise being out in Nature in a place that feels sacred to you.

♦ Feel the solidness of the earth, the stability of the mountains, the nourishment of roots that draw their power and stability up from the earth.

♦ Feel how the power of the earth and its gravity support your body. Allow yourself to be held by the strength of the earth… relax into the pull that the earth has on your body… let go and trust that you are being held and supported by our Mother Earth.

♦ As you walk upon the land, see if a stone catches your attention. If it feels right, pick up the stone and hold it in your hand. Feel the texture, the temperature, connect with the feeling of the stone. Connect with the energy of Earth through the stone. It may feel appropriate for you to keep the stone, to continue to work with it as an object that connects you to the element of Earth.

417hz and the Sacral Chakra 

The frequency 417hz is associated with the second chakra “Svadhisthana”, located at the navel area. Svadhisthana is our centre of creativity, emotion, feeling, sensitivity, sexuality and our vital life force energy. This centre governs the skin, kidneys, mammary glands, ovaries, womb, testicles, prostrate and spleen.

When the energies of this chakra are balanced we feel the sweetness of life, compassion, intuition, a sense of belonging. If the navel has an excess of energy we can become overindulgent, manipulative, emotionally unbalanced, competitive and sexually needy or greedy. If there is too little energy flowing through this centre it can cause us to feel insecure, shy, guilty, untrusting, envious, or hypersensitive.

Practices with 417hz and the element of Water:

♦ Go for a walk by the ocean, the sea, a river, stream or lake, or get a bowl of water and place it next to you.

♦ Listen to (or visualise) the sound of the water – the waves, the river, the nurturing sounds.

♦ Feel the fluidity of water, the sense of dissolving into warm water and feeling completely safe and relaxed, reminiscent of being held safe in the womb. Connect with the waters of the earth, the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, the rains, the waters that flow through our bodies, the tears that wash and cleanse our hearts.

♦ Bring some water into your hands and say a prayer of thanks to the water, then sprinkle it over your head and your body. How do you feel?

♦ You can keep a bowl of natural water on your altar and charge it every day with an intent of love and healing.

528hz and the Solar Plexus 

528hz is the frequency associated with the solar plexus chakra “Manipura”, meaning “radiant jewel”. This is our centre of will, inner fire, personal power, intent and self-acceptance. It is the foundation of the mental body, and it enables us to pick up vibrations and essences from people, places and things. This chakra governs muscles, diaphragm, stomach, digestive organs, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, metabolism and the nervous system.

Practices with 528hz and the spirit of Fire:

♦ Light a candle or build a fire. Connect with the energy of fire, and light. Feel the warmth and heat of the flame. Watch the movement, flickering or crackling of the flames.

♦ Fire has the power to transform, to burn and transmute, and gives light in the darkness.

♦ Fire can transform the physical into the spiritual, and can be used cleansing and to bury away attachments.

♦ Bring into your awareness something that you wish to let go of, to release, or transform. This could be an aspect of yourself, a habit, a memory from the past that has not been resolved, a relationship or dynamic with another person. With your intent, place it into the fire asking the fire to transmute the energy. Watch the flame and keep breathing the energy into the fire until you feel you have let go and the energy has been transformed.

♦ You can place a candle on your altar to bring the energy of fire into your sacred space.

Heart Chakra
639hz and the Heart Chakra

639hz is the frequency associated with the heart chakra “Anahata” – meaning stillness or unstruck – the celestial sound. Anahata is the seat of balance within the body and is the central point between the upper and lower chakras. It is the place of the soul or higher self – and the centre through which we experience Love. This chakra governs the physical heart, lungs, immune system, thymus gland and lymphatic system.

When the energy in the heart chakra is balanced, we experience a sense of openness, unconditional and universal love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, inner stillness and peace. When there is excessive energy in this centre we may feel possessive, melodramatic, moody, demanding, play the martyr, or be conditional with our love. If the energy is deficient we can feel indecisive, afraid of letting go, unworthy of love, needing assurance, a sense of poor me, or shut down our feelings and drop into fear and/or mental anguish.

Practices with 639hz and the element of Air:

♦ Go for a walk in Nature or open a window and sit somewhere where you can hear or feel the wind. Listen to the sounds. Feel the breeze or the wind blowing against your skin and through your hair. Open yourself to the sense of freedom carried by the wind that blows all over the earth. Open your arms and feel a sense of space through your chest. Breathe deeply, and as you exhale, release any feelings of fear, restriction, control, or inhibition. Let yourself be free. Bring into your awareness an image of something you love deeply – unconditionally. Feel that love in your heart. Breathe into the feeling, and as you exhale feel it expand through your whole body. With your arms extended, let this feeling move for your heart out of your body, touching all the people you love, the animals, plants, trees, oceans and mountains, and expand the love out to touch and bless the whole world.

♦ Sit or stand for a few minutes in this expansive feeling. Then return to your heart and sit in stillness, listening to the sounds of the wind, of nature, or the presence of stillness all around you.

♦ If an object catches your attention that represents this element - perhaps a feather or a special incense - you can place it on your altar.

♦ Now breathe into your heart and feel the truth of the love within your heart. From this place, allow sound to come forth and flow through you.

♦ Take some time to tone and sing – go with it, and invite any sound that wishes to come through to be expressed.

♦ If you find yourself holding back in fear or restrictive thoughts, simply acknowledge this, and then open more… let go and journey with the sound

741hz and the Throat Chakra

The frequency 741hz is associated with the throat Chakra “Vishudha” – “absolute purity”. Vishuddha is the place of purity where the energies of the elements of the chakras below transform into Ether or sound. It carries the energy of pure expression, the power of the word, and the surrender that comes through allowing ourselves to fully be and to express Truth. Physically, the throat chakra influences the mouth, teeth, throat, thyroid gland and the immune system.

When this chakra is in balance we are able to communicate clearly, feel content, able to live in the present and connect with the universal energies through creativity, music, meditation, devotion, truthfulness, and trust. When there is excessive energy we can feel arrogant, dogmatic, dominating, self-righteous, dishonest and inflexible. A lack of energy here can lead to feeling scared, timid, unable to express our thoughts and feelings, as well as deviousness, weakness and unreliability.

Practices with 741hz and the element of Ether or sound:

♦ Find a place where you feel safe and nurtured. This could be in a special place in Nature, or indoors. Bring your attention to your breath. Feel it moving in and out of your body. Ether is the stuff that makes up the universe beyond the earth or celestial sphere. We breathe air in the same way that the spiritual beings breathe ether. As you breathe, visualise how the breath is flowing from out in Nature, or the cosmos, into your body. As you exhale, see the breath flowing back out into space.

♦ This is a beautiful practice that you can do every day – sing, tone, chant, listen and resonate in sound.

Third Eye Chakra

852hz and the Third Eye

The frequency 852hz is associated with the sixth Chakra, the third eye centre “Ajna”, meaning “to perceive”. This is the centre of intuition, visualization, psychic sight, perception and the place of mind, unity, light and spirit. Ajna is located at the front of the head in between the eyebrows, and physically governs the eyes, vision, nose, central nervous system, brain and pituitary gland.

When the third eye chakra energies are in balance we are able to see and perceive clearly, without the distortions that come through our mental projections. We are able to link into our intuition and imagination, and to visualise and concentrate with a clear mind. We can access high states of unity, non attachment, self mastery, and freedom from fear of death and separation. When there is excessive energy here we experience mental restlessness, lack of clarity, over analysing things, nightmares, egoic tendencies, pride. If the energy is deficient here it can lead to a lack of discipline, unassertiveness, fear of success, and schizophrenic tendencies, which can manifest in an inability to distinguish between one’s ego and one’s higher guidance.

Practices for 852hz and the element of Light:

♦ Find a quiet place outside, or sit in a place where you can see or feel the sun and its celestial light. It is best to do this practice around sunrise or sunset when the light of the sun is not too strong. You can also use the stars if you wish at night time. If it happens to be overcast, you can use your imagination to visualise the sun or stars.

♦ Focus on the point of the third eye, upon your forehead in between the eyebrows. Gaze directly into the sun or the star. Breathe the light into your third eye. Breathe deep and slow.

♦ With every breath, feel the light shining into your whole body, permeating every cell with light. Continue this practice for 3-11 minutes. Then close your eyes and see the sun or star with your inner vision, and the light that is shining from within you. Then, in gratitude, send light and love energy back from your heart to the sun or star.

♦ Do this practice every day to nourish and energise your energy body.

Solfeggio Frequencies within Anima's Music

These incredible tones each resonate to specific frequency that our original blueprint is composed from. Exposing ourselves to these frequencies helps to bring our bodies, cells and DNA back into balance. Different parts of our bodies and organs all have specific frequencies of optimum resonance (perfect state of health), and therefore listening to these tones allows the body to absorb and remember (know) its original blueprint, moving it back towards its prefect state of alignment and resonance (health).

Modern science is now beginning to recognise what the ancient mystics throughout time have been saying; that everything is in a constant state of vibration, and therefore everything that is vibrating has a sound (even if it’s not audible). Everything also has its own optimum rate of vibration, and this is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance and harmony with creation.

Emotions and mental states also have their own optimum resonance and with the recognition that every organ, and every cell, absorbs and emits sound, we can therefore understand how specific sounds and frequencies can be used as powerful healing tools. This is how the ancient Solfeggio frequencies work and is why the Gregorian monks used this specific scale for chanting and healing.

Anima acknowledge the pioneering work of Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz in decrypting the ancient Solfeggio and advancing Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and

A number of Anima's tracks include solfeggio tones and frequencies, including the entire album Sound Medicine. Each of the 6 tracks from Anima's Sound Medicine album are also available in a special extended length release, of 40-44 minutes each. These tracks are available in MP3 format and are widely used to aid meditation, healing and deep inner work.


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