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Q Light Quantum Generator


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Q Light Quantum Generator

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Get The Energy Of Life Force & heal your body!

The Russian patented unique Quantum Generator, consists of a light generation unit with ultra low-power LEDs and a container of optical material, that accumulates the energy of “life force”. The passing light through the container triggers the release of the “life force” energy flow, which is able to fill you with vital energy and tranquility, giving tone to your physical and energy body, balancing and discovering your hidden life energy and life force. Life energy helps to enjoy life, and life force is the ability to subordinate one’s will to gain hope, love, dream, overcome pain and anger. The impact is produced by a much richer spectrum of light and color than the eyes are able to see.


Long-term memory increases Increased production of SEROTONINE (People feel happier and with much more energy, good health & very good memory) Activation of blood circulation in veins & in the brain Removal of cellulite due to increased blood circulation and lymph circulation DETOX Restoration of conduction of the neural network of the brain


A LITTLE SCIENCE: The alpha-rhythm quantum oscillator acts on the neurons of the cortex, subcortical and basal structures of the brain to change their electrical activity. As a result, there is a change in the interaction of neurons within the neural network with the compensation of cognitive and psycho-relaxing disorders. Quantum stimulation reduces pathological hemispheric asymmetry and reduces emotional disorders, causes restructuring of the pre- and postsynaptic apparatus. As a result, the efficiency and direction of interneuronal connections are modified, which causes structural and functional changes in the motor cortex, activates the processes of brain neuroplasticity and induces the formation of a new system of interhemispheric connections. Along with the relief of pain and improvement of microcirculation of brain tissue, the processes of reparative regeneration of damaged tissues and their metabolism are stimulated. The main therapeutic actions of a quantum generator are analgesic, vasoactive, regenerative, anti-edematous, neuromiostimulating, trophic effects.


With the active normalization of the alpha rhythm of the brain in humans, the following positive changes are observed:
Blood supply to the brain is improved by at least 70% within five minutes of treatment with the generator in the back of the head in pulsed mode B. Recovery processes in the body are accelerated by 8–10 times.

For example, a person who has had hepatitis, with good circumstances, needs at least 6 months to recover. Subject to the use of the generator, which allows to strengthen the alpha rhythms, the rehabilitation period is reduced by 8-10 times. There is a harmonious redistribution of energy from those places where there are muscle and energy blocks. As a result, energy begins to circulate freely throughout the body.


“Opening the chakras.” It opens access to huge amounts of information. When the brains work in alpha rhythm you receive answers to your question from the storerooms of the Universe itself. When our brain works in the alpha rhythm, creative ideas, inspirational thoughts come to us, intuition sharpens, which allows us to find new, unexpected solutions to problems. It becomes possible to reprogram human consciousness in the right direction when the brain is actively working in the alpha rhythm. When tuning the brain to Schumann frequencies, a person gets access to inexhaustible sources of information and the life energy of our planet, which can be successfully used to harmonize both relationships between people and the consciousness of each person. The first who discovered the special low and ultra-low vibration frequencies of the Earth’s atmosphere was Nikola Tesla.


These frequencies are the reference signal for the pineal gland. Since the hormone of joy and relaxation — serotonin and melatonin, is produced by the pineal gland, the third eye is not mentioned by chance, because it is also a source of spiritual peace. The pineal gland is the seat of the human soul, or ´the all-seeing eye that has deepened into the brain. As soon as the frequency is “caught” by the brain, the coordinated work of the left and right hemispheres begins, which control all the hormones produced in the body that are necessary to maintain active longevity and creativity. The pineal gland begins to produce hormones serotonin and melatonin, which creates a stable state of health, youth and longevity for our body. This also activates the control function of the thyroid gland, and the entire human body begins to work coherently in a single rhythm, and diseases of all kinds begins to go away. With headaches, migraines, the circulatory system of the brain should be activated in the pulsating light mode in accordance with the Alpha rhythms of the brain.



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