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Earth~Star Ceremonies

Online Sound Healing Journeys

 “Sound will be the medicine of the future”. ~ Edgar Cayce 


Earth~Star Sound Ceremonies are a space of sound, stillness & otherworld journeying. An invitation to go deep within, for the healing of ourselves & Mother Earth. Held online, together we weave a sacred circle around the world.


Sound is the fabric of Creation - We are woven of sound and silence; the inhale and exhale of the Great Mother, as she sings the songs of life

Following the wheel of the year, each session is an invitation to attune with the energies of the earth, moon, sun and stars. To listen, and re-awaken memory of our ancient heritage; to vision and dream with the earth; deepening into the sacred stillness within.

Each journey is a unique, live energetic transmission, guided by the breath, soundscapes, voice, song, crystal tones & the beat of the drum.

Held online and created using high quality equipment, these spaces offer a deeply immersive experience, wherever you are. 

"There is a song reaching the whole earth, wrought from patience, love and prayer... Listen to it with the ear of your heart; let it go deep within. Open to the sound, to the  words, to the life of which it sings." ~ Katharine Le Mée 

Dates 2024

Held fortnightly, new dates are added regularly.

*If you can not make it live you may sign up to receive the recording

Willow ~ Sacred Tree  ~ Earth Star Sound Ceremony
Monday 20th May ~ 7.30pm - 9.00pm (UK/BST)

Litha ~ Pre~Solstice  Earth Star Sound Ceremony
Wednesday 12th June ~ 8.00pm - 9.30pm (UK/BST)

Listening with the Land ~ Earth Star Sound Ceremony
Thursday 27th June ~ 7.30pm - 9.00pm (UK/BST)

Scots Pine ~ Sacred Tree  ~ Earth Star Sound Ceremony
Tuesday 9th July ~ 7.30pm - 9.00pm (UK/BST)


Offered on a sliding scale

All are welcome ✨

To join, please either sign up for a monthly membership 

or for individual journeys, please email me: info(at)



Sacred Trees Series

This year I am a offering a series of Sound Journeys focusing on the Sacred Trees of Albion.  It is a joy to begin weaving these energies with sound and guided meditations. Each moon we will journey with one of 13 trees revered as sacred beings of these lands since ancient times. You are welcome to join any solo journey, or the whole series as part of the sound temple membership.

Sacred Trees Journeys: 
June ~ Hawthorn; July~ Oak; August ~ Holly;  September ~ Hazel;  October ~  Apple; November ~ Elder; December ~ Yew; January ~ Birch;  February ~ Ash;  March ~ Alder; April ~ Rowan; May ~ Willow, June ~ Scots Pine

Sound Healing Temple Membership & Library

It is my great joy to offer you membership to the Sound Healing Temple.

The monthly subscription gives you access to all my live sound healing journeys & ceremonies, the library of high resolution sound journey recordings, videos, additional teachings & practices, beautiful growing community of like minded kin, and private community space.

 Upon joining you will be welcomed into the Temple library, where 70 + hours of previous sound healing recordings & videos are housed. The audio recordings in the library are high resolution, with crystal clear sound, recorded during the sound journey's from my mixing desk, available for Temple members only. You will receive the Zoom link for each new live event into your inbox, and access to recordings to listen to whenever you choose. 

The library is offered on a sliding scale monthly subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time, or change plans.

To join visit here 




Music by Anima ~ Ali Calderwood & Lana Lanaia


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