Welcome to Aluna Healing


May we together remember, and weave our Sacred Essence

...Upon our Crystalline Earth ✧


~ Lana Lanaia 

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Aluna Healing is dedicated to our remembrance as daughters & sons of Mother Earth

~ through healing ourselves from within 

Welcome here to this space, where I invite you to journey with me, as we walk the spiralling pathways of life..

We are made of the Earth, and the Earth lives within us. We are notes within the great symphony of life, 'each with our unique sound'. 

The waters of life flow from the springs, into the streams, rivers, seas, oceans, the skies and rains, and it is the same water that flows through our bodies and through every living being upon the Earth. Every breath we breathe is a sacred breath, a living force that is shared and breathed into and out from everything and everyone. As living beings, we are connected to all life upon the Earth, and everything we think, speak and do ripples out throughout the web of creation. We therefore carry a sacred responsibility for our thoughts, our words and our actions.
What we see in the world has its origin within our own thoughts. Life is a school of learning, and as we cycle from birth through death, through the wheel of the year, ebbing and flowing with the moon and the tides, we spiral and grow and live within the Gardens that we sow and tend with our hands and hearts; and weave our stories into the tapestry of the World. As gardeners and weavers of Life, there is much we can do to turn the tides of destruction upon our planet, starting with healing ourselves, and by caring for and connecting with the land that we live upon and sustains us. We all have gifts to bring into this sacred world, and we are all here at this time of great change, because we chose to be, and have a part to play.
Aluna Healing is an offering of love, a thread woven from my heart. It is through this portal that I share the ever~evolving gifts I carry, to offer into the world, crafted with the experiences & tools I have gathered along my path.
I believe that the greatest journey in life is of remembering our essence –  so that we may emanate the unique expression and light of our soul, as our gift to Creation.
...This is a journey of remembering our Sacredness...
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Online Sound Healing Journeys
Live fortnightly Sound Journeys & Earth~Star Ceremonies
A space of sound & stillness; to nurture, let go, transform and journey within, for the healing of ourselves & Mother Earth.
Each session is a unique sound healing transmission & ceremony, with song, guided meditation, voice, crystal tones & ancient healing frequencies.
The circles are held live via Zoom

***New Dates See HERE***




Summer Retreat

Listening with the Land, Singing with the Waters, Dreaming with the Stars

12th - 18th July 2024
In Dartmoor, Devon

A time to gather together, to listen, sing and journey upon ancient lands

To cleanse, renew and receive of our inner wisdom

The retreat is being held in a beautiful venue, by the edge of the River Dart in the heart of Dartmoor. Luscious waterfalls, woodlands and standing stones are all around.

The retreat is an immersion into Nature, sacred sites, ancient ways and sound. We journey through inner and outer landscapes; emptying, so that that we may listen and attune with the wisdom within, and the wisdom within the earth.

We will journey with the Celtic medicine wheel, exploring our origins, our relationships with the sacredness of nature and the elements that sustain us. We shall be nurtured by the beauty all around us, walk upon wild lands, attune with ancient sacred sites, and work with breath, body, sound, ritual and healing herbs... More....




Lana Lanaia

Music of the Earth and the Stars...

Where to listen...






Gardening the Soul Sessions

Like lovingly tending a garden or walking within the wild, Gardening the Soul helps us to remember ourselves​ as part of the earth; to sow, water, weed and compost; to nurture our gifts to flourish & grow.

This is a warm, fertile space, where we can explore whatever is upon your heart or moving through your life. Or you may like to meet to explore sound healing, or cultivating your practice, for example. Each session is unique, as the landscape of your garden. I offer my ears and my presence, sharing from the experiences & tools I have gathered along my path.





Sacred Feminine ~ Next cycle starts Autumn 2024

An invitation for women of all ages, to dive into the waters of the the womb,
& journey in sisterhood through 9 moons

An online women's journey & temple space where we may come together, share and grow, as we remember ourselves as sacred nurturers of life.

Held over 9 moons the journey is an exploration of living wisdom and experiential practices, to delve into the depths of ourselves, nourish our bodies and weave from our hearts.  

The circle is a journey into sacred, wise ways of the feminine. We will explore our inner rhythms and cycles from our starlight origins, through the rites of passage of life. Journeying with the cycles of the moon, sun and seasons, we come to know ourselves more deeply, honouring ourselves and each other, as we bring healing to our wounds, our stories & life experiences; nurture ourselves and deepen our connection with Nature.  

Healing - Our Return to Wholeness

Since ancient times, keepers of tradition have carried and preserved the ways of living in harmony with the land, sea & sky. Through living in close relationship as part of Nature, they knew/know how to read the book of Nature, and live by sacred laws that govern life. These teachings have been lived and protected, passed down through ancestral lines for thousands of years. Even with great effort to wipe out, covert and destroy this wisdom, it remains. Even though, we may have forgotten, and live in a culture that is deeply fragmented, the law of origin & original instructions, that were given to us by our Creator can never die, as they are woven as living memory into stone, water, wind, and into the starlight of which we are made. 

 "Our heart knows what our mind has forgotten — it knows the sacred that is within all that exists, and through a depth of feeling we can once again experience this connection, this belonging..

The Earth needs both physical and spiritual attention and awareness, our acts and prayers, our hands and hearts. Life is a self-sustaining organic whole of which we are a part, and once we reconnect with this whole we can find a different way to live—one that is not based upon a need for continual distraction and the illusions of material fulfillment, but rather a way to live that is sustaining for the whole. And this way to live in harmony with all of creation has at its core a remembrance, an awareness, of the sacred nature of creation, which is also our own sacred nature.

May we remember our role as guardians of the Earth, custodian of its sacred ways, and return once again to live in harmony with its natural rhythms and laws." ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Aluna Healing retreats are recommended by Queen of Retreats and BookRetreats.com

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