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Elixirs & Healing Herbs

A Selection of Beautiful, Natural Products & Remedies

Made with Wild Harvested, Organic & Biodynamically Grown Plants, 

in The Scottish Highlands

Pre~Order available, please email.

I love to walk in the gardens in the early mornings of summer, when the dew is shimmering with the light of the morning sun. Around Full Moon, and when Moon is in an Air or Water sign, I harvest rose, and other petals and leaves for making Elixirs. This is a sacred ritual that I love, attuning and feeling the essence of each plant, as I offer gratitude and prayers while I gather the flowers. The Elixirs are made at these special times in the year, and offer beautiful, sweet medicine to enjoy throughout the seasons



Rose Elixir ~ Sprit of Love & Healing

Lemonbalm Elixir ~ Spirit of Joy & Inspiration

Chamomile Elixir ~ Spirit of Calm & Serenity

Lavender Elixir ~ Spiritual Connection & Relaxation

Delicious drops of liquid light. These elixirs are made from petals and leaves of plants grown using organic & biodynamic methods, harvested in the morning light, and infused in glycerine & alcohol. The elixirs are blended with essences, crystal sound frequencies and prayers.. to create these beautiful plant remedies

The Elixirs come in 30ml blue glass dropper bottles

Dosage: A few drops direct on the tongue or in water

£13 + P&P


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