Rezotone Necklaces ~ SFS Spectral Technology (Shipping from UK & USA)
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Shungite Pyramid Set of 5 ~ SFS Technology (Shipping from UK & USA)


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5 Shungite Pyramids per set

Pyramid size: 45mm

These Shungite pyramids are enhanced with Rezotone SFS technology



Shungite is a rare black stone made of up to 99% carbon, found in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia. The origin of Shungite is a mystery. Usually, materials made of carbon come from decayed organic substances like old forests, but the stone is thought to be at least 2 billion years old. This is before organic life existed on the planet.

Another name for Shungite is the Miracle Stone. It can be used for EMF protection, healing, water detoxification and preserving food. Shungite can also help as an antioxidant, immune booster, pain reliever, stress reducer, and allergen suppressant. The potential uses of this stone are many and it can be also used as part of crystal layouts, essences and elixirs, energy balancing, meditation and more…

Since ancient times, Shungite has been used to purify water, as it has properties that can reduce contaminants, bacteria and viruses. The stone can be immersed into water to create Shungite Water which can be used to cleanse, detoxify and revitalise the body, increasing health, emotional well being and life force energy.

Shungite is well known for its uses for EMF protection. In these times, it is ever more important to protect ourselves from the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from our devices and EMF frequencies in the environment. With additional radiation from 5G (of which we are yet to understand the full extent of its harmful effects), it is imperative to take measures to protect ourselves and our homes. To assist in protection from EMF’s the Shungite pyramids can be placed around your home, and in your car, and carried with you when you go out. You can place a Shungite pyramid on top of electronics and devices, on mobile phones/tablets/laptops, in front of your compute to harmonize the frequencies the devices emit into your environment. You can also place them next to your bed or in the four corners of a room, like your office or living room, to charge the room with its grounding and protective energy.

Rezotone Shungite pyramids are enhanced with SFS technology, designed to support us at this time of great changes on Earth. As well as the above they can be placed near your food/produce and in the fridge to help preserve the vitality of foods, keeping them fresh for longer.


Spectrum Technology (SFS)

Everything around us has its own unique vibrations and frequencies: a bird, a tree, a person, a car, a laptop. Spectrum technology can very accurately register this vibration and transmit it to any other objects. Spectrum technology (SFS) is applied on the Shungite Pyramids, the Shungite Pendants, the Spectrum Bracelets, the Idea SSF Signal products and Plant Serotonin.

For example, Rezotone team create a powder extract of an organic plant, which has serotonin. The information from the serotonin is scanned and amplified using SFS technology, and this amplified signal is transmitted into the powder, enhancing its serotonin frequency.

In products made from natural ingredients there can still  be many other components that create side effects due to unnecessary vibrations. Instead, the Spectrum Technology (SFS) products have a 100% accurate vibration, which is why the concentration and activity is much stronger than it would be found in nature.


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