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Rezotone Water Filter


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The Rezotone Water Filter has received the
silver medal at the International competition in
Brussels. (The gold medal was awarded for a
huge filter which worked by electricity). It’s
handheld, around the same size as the Q Light
Quantum Generator, and you can carry it with
you during your trips.


The Rezotone Water Filter removes toxic fluoride as well.
The Water Filter looks like the Q Light Quantum Generator, but it’s a
completely different product…

Instructions for use
1. Install a new filter cartridge in the water filter
(it’s easy).
2. To activate the new filter for the first time:
place the water filter under a tap, fully open
the tap and allow the water to flow through
the water filter for a minute or two.
3. Now you can use the water filter: place the
water filter on a glass or a glass jar and pour
water through the filter.

A new filter cartridge will keep working
efficiently for 2-3 years.

1. Do not pour hot or boiling water through the water filter.
2. Do not attempt to filter biologically or chemically contaminated
water. Use drinking water.


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