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An evening immersion into sacred space and sonic healing with beautiful, meditative music, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls and sound healing frequencies.

Our sound healing concerts are an invitation to journey deep into a space of relaxation, meditation and peace, where music sings the heart open, and together we resonate in tune with the sacred energies of Creation.

The evening is guided by prayerful intent, with a selection of Anima’s music performed live, and a powerful sound healing transmission through voice, Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, healing frequencies, mantras, meditations and silence.

Within each session, Daniela weaves the sound space with the energy in the room, with pure vocal tones and angelic sound transmissions, the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls and other instruments. Anima’s music holds space for the deepening into the heart, with rich and powerful soundscapes,  and sound medicine. 

The sound healing events are a journey where participants are invited to receieve and participate: to sit or lie down; to release tension and mental distractions; to meditate and be still; to move and flow; to sing or tone; to breathe and merge with the energetic transmissions through the sound and music; to listen and feel; to receive the vibrations deep into your cells..

In this circle of sweet sound and surrender inner shifts and healing can occur, as the body relaxes, mind calms and our hearts open vast and wide like the starry skies...

We hope you will join us..

“Healing comes in several forms and this is one” – Reggie

“Incredibly beautiful and moving...brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.” – Autumn

"Thank you, for a blissful, peace infused, evening in Glasgow. The space of light and sound that you create is a delicious balm for the soul." - Margaret


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