New Year Retreat (Online)
Remembering our Sacred Essence

Thursday 31st Dec – Sunday 3rd Jan 2021
…From Scotland to Wherever you are…

After deep consideration, I have decided to offer for the very first time, a retreat program online.
I invite you to join me over new year, from wherever you are, as we journey into remembrance of our sacred essence.
Together we shall create a sanctuary space to retreat, go within, and attune with Mother Earth, our bodies and temples of our soul; the elements, cycles & rhythms of Nature and passages through life. We will work with cultivating inner stillness, awakening our natural energy; working with healing herbs, plants & foods, the remembrance of Mother Earth as a living being, and our place within Creation. We will be picking up threads of wisdom that have been left by our ancestors, and reflecting on the footprints that we each wish to leave behind us for the generations to come.
The retreat offers a space to cleanse and quieten body and mind, so that one may listen and attune to the wisdom within us; that we may flow once again with the streams of wisdom that are the original essence of the natural world.
There will be 4 live online sessions per day (2 on the 31st), gentle movement & yoga morning practice, classes, ceremony, sound healing; retreat group chat portal; meditations & practices for you to work with out in Nature; recipes & meal plan suggestions for cleansing & renewal; inner-growth, love & laughter 🌸❄️🌟🌕💖


Daily program:

Thurs 31st December
Thursday morning – Welcome, practices & video messages via the online portal, to begin the journey
Afternoon – Time for walking, being in Nature, journaling & self care
5.45pm – 6.45pm – Introduction (on Zoom)
8.00pm – 9.15pm – New Year Sound Healing – East (open gathering on Zoom – friends & family welcome)
Friday 1st January –
8.30am 9.30am – Yoga / Natural Movement (on Zoom)
10.30am – 12.30pm – Morning class – South (on Zoom)
Afternoon – Time Outdoors / Walking in Nature / Journaling & self care
5pm – 6pm – Group share (on Zoom)
7pm – 9pm – Evening session – West (on Zoom)
Saturday 2nd January –
8.30am 9.30am – Yoga / Natural Movement (on Zoom)
10.30am – 12.30pm – Morning class – North (on Zoom)
Afternoon – Time Outdoors / Walking in Nature / Journaling & self care
5pm – 6pm – Group share (on Zoom)
7pm – 9pm – Evening session – Below – Feminine (on Zoom)
Sunday 3rd January –
8.30am 9.30am – Yoga / Natural Movement (on Zoom)
10.30am – 12.30pm – Morning class – Above – Masculine (on Zoom)
Afternoon – Time Outdoors / Walking in Nature / Journaling & self care
5pm – 6pm – Group share (on Zoom)
7pm – 9pm – Evening session – Center (on Zoom)



In this modern world, many of us have become fragmented and disconnected from what once was inherent – our original essence and relationship with the Earth as the Mother from which all life is born.


In the fast paced world of technology and materialism, our attention has become distracted and diverted away from the purity and simplicity of Nature, the natural rhythms and of our very own being. There is restlessness that manifests in the soul when it is un-nurtured, and when we are not living in our true purpose and authenticity.


We are a part of this Earth and we are all connected. We have as humanity, collectively co-created our world, and if we recognise the world as a mirror, we come to see that there is much work for us each to do to restore the beauty and harmony of life.



Adapting to the current situation within our world, this retreat will be offered online via Zoom. We are blessed to have the technology which enables us to connect in this way, from wherever we are. There will be extra discipline required to retreat at home, where the distractions of every day life remain. I suggest making an intention to clear the space as much as possible to prepare for your retreat. Some suggestions:


  • Do your shopping in advance and have everything you need for your 4 day retreat
  • Tie up loose ends, take care of work, errands and responsibilities, so you can create space to immerse yourself and journey through the 4 days
  • Clean the house, smudge and set an intention to create a sanctuary space for your retreat
  • You may like to create a special altar for the retreat, even simply a candle and some flowers.
  • If you have family at home, share what you will be doing and organise, if possible, for responsibilities to be shared, to give you more time for your inner retreat
  • Disconnect & switch off internet and phone calls in between our sessions – this is possibly the part that will require most discipline, when doing a retreat at home.
  • Plan some beautiful walks in Nature for the afternoons – maybe to some places you have felt drawn to visit for a while but have not got to. If you are in a city, this may be a beautiful park or a spring/well for example.
  • Nourish yourself during the retreat with good organic foods, drinks, salt baths/showers, essential oils, meditation, journaling, drawing, time in Nature, visioning, prayer etc.. use this time to cleanse and nourish yourself
  • Make space for stillness & come with an open heart <3 


The retreats are spaces created to take a moment away from your everyday life, to immerse yourself in Nature, and practices to quieten the mind, cleanse and renew your body, giving space to see what you are ready to release, change, integrate, create and walk forwards with in your life.

Realigning with Nature, we will journey with the natural rhythms of the day, the sun and moon, the seasons and cycles of life. You will learn practices and tools to help you identify and move beyond disharmonious patterns and tendencies, reflect on ways that you may have created or energise health imbalances and/or disharmony in your life, and experience ways of living that elevate your mind, open your heart, and create a vibratory field of resonance from within.



Yoga is a path of the heart, a journey into Being. The yoga sessions weave aspects of Hatha, Scaravelli, Kundalini & Toaist ways. My yoga practice also draws upon many years of working with energetic practices and the healing arts and spending time in silent retreat in Nature.

This approach to yoga is guided by the breath – a journey of unfolding, turning our attention inwards and flowering from within. Through this deep and reflective practice, your natural sensitivity and self awareness awakens, clearing toxicity and tension, freeing energy and space from inside, outwards.

We will be sharing a simple yoga & movement practice, which is accessible all, even if you have no previous experience. Yoga is not about what you can or can’t ‘do’.. but about meeting yourself as you are.



“Silence is essential for deep transformation. It allows the practice of conscious breathing to become deep and effective. Like still water that reflects things as they are, the calming silence helps us to see things more clearly, and therefore, to be in deeper contact with ourselves and those around us.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


The retreats are intended as a space for inner healing and sacred re-connection. To support this, please do your best to create a space of stillness and quietness within yourself, and your retreat/home space. If possible, turn off your phone & devices outside of our call times. Above all, please come with an open heart and mind J





As this is a home retreat, you will be lovingly preparing your meals. To support the process, we will be holding space to do a gentle detox together over the retreat, to cleanse our bodies and open our energy. The level of this is your choice – you may like to do a juice fast, liquid fast (juices, soups and smoothies), or choose meals from the recipe book which you will receive prior to the retreat.

For your shopping, please choose organic ingredients wherever possible, and stick with vegan and gluten free. This is the best way to cleanse the body.

Drink as many herbal teas as you like during the day, and wherever possible, using natural water: spring, mineral, purified, filtered or alkalinised water



In the world today we are faced with the challenge of living clean and pure on a planet that has become toxic in many ways . Yet as the destruction becomes more visible in the world, many of us are awakening and feel called to return to ways of living that are in harmony with Nature, and with what creates and sustains health.

Our wisdom keepers tell us that all toxicity begins in thought, word and action, and that it is through the incongruity of our actions with the laws of nature that we have created the toxicity in all its manifestations in the world.

A build up of toxicity in the body can lead to oversensitivity to certain foods, weight gain, sluggishness, inflammation, pain, infections, ailments, disease, menstrual issues, loss of vitality and sense of wellbeing, foggy mind, low energy, and many other things. Our bodies have the natural capacity to cleanse and heal themselves, though when overloaded or lacking vital nourishment, can become stagnated and toxins build up in the system.


The experiences of our life are all stored within our luminous energy body and our cells. During a detoxification process, as the physical body begins to purify and heal itself, layers of toxicity that have been stored within the muscles, tissues, bones and cells are brought to the surface to be cleared. Detoxification can help you to naturally release tension, stress, negative emotions and thoughts; creating clarity of mind and inspiration to walk forwards in your life.


Everything in the universe is made of vibration, and vibrant, organic foods, Nature, creativity, prayer, purity of thought, beautiful music – for example – all help to lift and sustain our vibration in a state of health and resonance. As you detox your system and bring in pure foods, living water, light, purity and prana (life force energy), your vibration is lifted and you will begin to resonate at clearer, more refined frequencies, allowing more light to flow through you and be held within your cells.


Detoxification helps the body to heal itself as nature intended; cleansing and repairing your beautiful body, helping to restore health, a sense of wellness and the true natural radiance of your inner being.




  • Four days online retreat & classes where you will be held & supported within the retreat energy field.
  • A living experience that will inspire and sow seeds of transformation within you
  • Daily yoga & meditation practice
  • Practices to awaken a deeper connection with Nature and the voice of the spirit
  • Inner journeying, sound healing & breath work
  • A deeper connection with ancient wisdom, natural rhythms, healing herbs & foods and how to apply this in your life
  • Documents with information, recipes, inspiration
  • A private WhatsApp group for retreat participants, where extra information, meditations and messages will be shared, as well as a space for the group to connect and dialogue.



Reciprocity £333 or £222 or £111 for concessions/unwaged

These prices are on a sliding scale, please give what you are able to 



For more information and to register your interest for a space, please contact Daniela –
07475 749 967 (please leave a message if voicemail)

This is a small group retreat (max 11 participants), and as spaces are limited it is advised to get in touch soon.



Daniela Lanaia is a healing arts practitioner, yoga teacher and musician, known for her sound healing and music work with Anima. From a young age she has been immersed on a journey into ancient wisdom, healing paths and the yoga tradition; and offers a sensitive, profound and unique space dedicated to the awakening of the heart and loving stewardship of our living Earth. She lives in the Scottish Highlands and offers one-to-one sessions, workshops, concerts and retreats in the UK and internationally.




How people have described Aluna Healing retreats:
“Healing, Connected (to nature), Extraordinary”
“Restful, Rewarding, Intense”
“Touching, Profound, Inspiring”
“Gentle, Deep, Transformative”
“Deep, Enriching, Insightful”
“Care, Space and Connection”
“Profound, Healing, Gifted”
“Detoxifying, Grounding, Energizing”
“Expansion, Connection, Love”


What has been your favorite part of the retreat and why?

“Your unfailing non-judgemental support, your wisdom and your kindness, all of which fill me with confidence and a sense of the possibilities before me.” – Ingrid


“A space filled with love that allows you to connect back with where you are from, creating time and room for reconnecting with your body, heart and nature, realizing what stops you from doing this more often so you can go back to the “real world” feeling a bit stronger and equipped to live a more fulfilling life more in tune with Mother Earth” – Wendy


“It is almost impossible to separate a ‘favorite part’ as the beauty of the retreat was its weave into an integrated whole; the magnificent land that held us; the deep gentle physical work with our bodies; the cleansing nourishment; the reflections within our circle of women; the prayer and remembering of the sacredness of life.

In the miasma of forgetting, they are deeply precious reminders of who we are on this earth, what is our calling, our work, our joy.” – Nicole


“I feel that this way of teaching and understanding myself and my place in the world is deeply wise. I would lie to learn more. Life is short and these opportunities to grow and heal are precious.” – Amelia


“I finally understand the correlation between a healthy, clean body and a clear spiritual life. My connection with the Great Mother is much stronger since the retreat. I practise the Great Thanks meditation throughout the day. The brightness surrounding me has diminished, but I can access the light more readily.

The retreat reignited my love of yoga. I have become more flexible, stronger and quieter with daily practice, which is helped by fewer toxins in my body. I don’t go a day without yoga now. My diet remains light and focused on fresh fruit and vegetables and more or less wheat and dairy free. I like the way I feel and I want to stay elevated.

I have set myself higher standards in so many ways. More and more often I stop myself from thinking badly about someone or gossiping. I recognise when I want to eat out of boredom, stress or because I’m thirsty. I recognise when I’m being lazy instead of tired.

I am both softer and stronger today. My heart has expanded beyond the universe, while my thoughts are clearer and more grounded. Although no outward circumstances have changed, I am the happiest I have ever been. I am undaunted by thoughts of the big change that will happen soon; I know I will be supported. I know I am on a good path. Thank you so much, Daniela” – Ingrid


What have been some new learnings you have gained from this retreat?

“To find stillness and peace in order move on in unbalanced times. To be grateful and give back more. There is no limit to giving love and thanks.” ~ Michela


“This retreat was a jewel in the thread in a journey of returning to sanity and sacredness. Held in an awesome landscape of mountains, lakes, rocks and forests, we are held and guided as we cleanse ourselves with deeply nourishing food; stretch into and release the blockages held in body through deep and gentle yoga; receive reflections on our patterns and pains as we sit in circle; learn to give thanks and revere and honour the life we hold and the life that surrounds us. In great gratitude!” – Nicole 


“The indigenous messages and the connection with Mother Earth came to me with a very strong awakening call. The Mother Spirit who is sustaining us here for millions of life and who is in danger. Of course this message isn’t new for me, but the practices to connect and listen to Mother Earth opened to me, like I heard a new message, got access to a higher wisdom that need to be spread in to the world. I come from the Yoga, Buddhism tradition where the teachings are merely focussed on training of the mind and connecting with the Higher Divine, whereas with the message from the indigenous elder brothers, I felt a new dimension of connecting with the real earth and nature around us, outside the mind and the Higher Divine, but beneath us and around us. A more spiritual ecological insight, and a call to action with it.” – Veerle


“Thank you Daniela for this beautiful retreat. Thank you for all these aspects lovingly interwoven. It inspires me how you integrate that which you have passion for, teaching and being in service to others and the Earth. Thank you for your gentle encouragement, your total trust, your deep wisdom, your composure, your clarity, and your peaceful and loving nature. With much love, light and gratitude” ~ Anja


“For me the retreat started the week before as I connected to my intention and what I wanted to clear and be shown during the retreat. On retreat I received so much clarity and wisdom, from Daniela, the land and the other retreatees. It was challenging at times as the cleanse really allowed me to see what needed to be looked at and how much I was choosing not to “See” in my daily life. I received so much support and guidance that has carried me into a place of deep surrender when I came home and has allowed me to start working on myself in a way that I would not have been able to unless I had attended this retreat. It has been truly life changing for me and has directed me into a more aligned lighter way of looking at myself and the use of my energy in daily life.” ~ Mez 


“I simply love the yoga – it is intense in a way that I have not found anywhere else. The time in nature was very special as well.” – Wendy


“Dear Daniela, I want to really thank you for all of your kindness and teachings at the retreat, I am extremely grateful. The week was really special, as you know, and powerful for me – I so enjoyed learning from you and I feel like it has helped me to put together the missing piece of the jigsaw.” ~Katrina


“I found Aluna Healing at a very difficult time and I feel with all my heart that without it I would not be in the place that I am today. It has helped me re-connect to myself and to the Earth through many beautiful yoga classes as well as healing retreats and weekends which have never failed to inspire me and transform me into the best version of myself that I can be. I owe an awful lot of gratitude for the soul work I have received from Aluna Healing and it will always remain a big part of me.” ~Bethany


“As part of the experience I came to realise what I connected to the most, and that was the yoga, meditation and any discussions we had about nutrition and mental outlook. You’re one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had and it’s usually when I felt the most connected to you and the group.

I am as a person interested in spiritual practices and feel I have retained a deeper sense of spirituality and appreciation for Nature on the back of my experience, just need to carve out my own means of practicing it.

I’m thankful for the experience, for meeting you and all the wonderful people in our group. It has benefited me on so many levels and taught me many lessons. The card I got on the last day in particular has stuck with me, that change comes about slowly and I need to be patient. So I’ve decided to focus on food first before moving onto yoga as part of my daily practice. Thanks Daniela for all of the lessons, but mostly for the one of patience.” – Alexia


“Again, thank you so much for letting me join the retreat and I cannot emphasize enough at how a profound effect your work has had on me. Thank you for being there, for answering my questions and for letting me learn from you. I feel so many positive effects, and have so much more clarity (which I so craved), that I can hardly believe that it is happening and on an occasion worry that I’ll wake up one day and will feel like I used to. A friend of mine is saying that I have inspired her to try out going living raw too and told her family about it and her family is also on board. This is how your beautiful work is flowing through the world! Please do not ever stop” ~ Neyla


“I have recently returned from a week’s retreat in the Scottish Highlands with Daniela and eight other wonderful women. The experience was a challenge for me on many levels, but the beauty and peace of the place and the strong, wise and heartfelt guidance from Daniela combined to provide a fertile space for such deep work to be done. Daniela is deeply insightful, sensitive and strong and her connection to Love, God, the Mother (however we choose to name It) means that she held the space that was needed; such a precious gift for which I’m truly grateful.” ~ Karen


“Daniela works deeply on many levels beyond the physical, and although this can sometimes be quite painful for me – where I hold a lot of tension, Daniela’s insights into my emotional blocks – stored in the body – have challenged and encouraged me to look deeper and more clearly at myself in a way that is completely loving and non-judgmental, allowing me to move on gracefully into my peace, truth, whatever is going on around me in this life journey.” ~ Katy


“I cannot thank you enough for yet another rewarding, thought-proving weekend. Your wisdom and knowledge challenges and guides in a way that gives me an opportunity to get back in touch with my inner self.

With every day life and world troubles it is necessary to be trusting and understanding rather than judgmental and cynical. Your unique, quiet approach creates a safe environment that nurtures inner growth and self-belief, gently taking me by the hand and leading me back on my pathway again. Thank you.” ~ Lizzie


“So grateful for our magical retreat that has redirected me on my path . I feel renewed, Happy and hopeful. Thank you.”


“Thank you Daniela, for another profound and life transforming week. Each time I work with you, there is a deepening and revealing of more and more intricate layers of myself that you always seem to find a way to lovingly (but unwaveringly) confront and challenge me with. I am finding more and more that I can witness myself in an honest and humble way, and am feeling a strength and connection with the great mother growing day by day. Thank you for being such an inspiration.” ~ Mark