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“Awakening the Wisdom Within

The intent of this work is to create a space for deep internal listening and reconnection with the Sacred, through the Essence of the heart and the living wisdom of Nature. To journey into these realms, we draw upon the traditions and practices of yoga, natural medicine and shamanism – the ancient wise ways.

All life is energetically woven together as strands of a great web. Every living being is connected to the whole of Creation by these living strands of light. When one is out of balance, it affects the whole, like a string of an instrument that plays out of tune, or a piece of thread coming loose, creating a tear in the fabric.

We are intricately connected to each other, and to this living Earth. Every breath we breathe is a sacred breath, a living force that breathes life into everything and everyone. Everything we think, speak and do ripples out and impacts all life, as thought and sound are vibration, and vibration is the fabric of universe.

Our Earth is being destroyed and is suffering, and this is the consequence of our own actions and self destructive behaviours.

When we move out of harmony or alignment with Nature and our true nature, our inner light begins to dim and we expereince a sense of disconnection, or dis-ease. This disconnection manifests as a restlessness within, a closing of the heart or an agitation in our being that leads us into behaviours that attempt to fill us up with what we are missing, though nothing can ever truly fill this hole, other than the light of the spirit.

Restlessness, stress, tension, pain, addictions, sickness and disease are the result of the disharmony that manifests in the spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, physical and environmental aspects of our being, through living in a way that is disconnected from our soul, and out of tune with Nature.

In order to return to a harmonious state (our true nature), it is necessary to recognise and understand how and why we have come out of balance, and do the work to take action to resolve within and change.

The greatest service that each one of us can offer is to awaken to Truth – to emanate the pure and unique expression and light of our soul.

May we again live in harmony with the Great Perfection, as caretakers of this Sacred Earth. 


This site is lovingly created by Daniela Broder and Ali Calderwood, who work together also with music under the name Anima. It is dedicated in service to the awakening of consciousness, and to each of us upon this precious Mother Earth. It is an offering of love, a rescource, and sharing of the work we offer with ancient and natural healing arts.

Please browse this site to read about Bodywork Therapies, Shamanic HealingYoga, Meditation, Sacred Ecology and Sound Medicine, as well as recipes and articles to nurture and inspire you - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We are based in the Highlands of Scotland and offer sessions and mentoring online/by phone, as well as in Kent, Sussex, Somerset, London, and Scotland. Please contact us for dates and locations near you. On this site you can also find details of our one to one sessions, classesworkshopsconcerts and retreats.




Healing - Our Return to Wholeness

Since ancient times certain indigenous peoples have carried and preserved the knowledge of the ways of living in harmony with Nature (health), in alignment with one's true purpose - our soul agreement for our lives. These teachings have been guarded and protected, and passed down through ancestral lines. This is the knowledge of the original teachings, as given to us by our Creator - the original laws and ways of harmony and balance.

This wisdom is something we may all recognise as it is our natural way of being. We need only awaken from the hypnosis and distractions that keep our attention fixed upon the external facades, and remember who we truly are.


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