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“Awakening the Wisdom Within

All life is energetically woven together like strands of a great web. Every living thing is connected to the whole of Creation by these living strands of light. When one is out of balance, it affects the whole, like a string of an instrument that plays out of tune, or a piece of thread coming loose, creating a tear in the fabric.

We are intricately connected to each other, and to this living Earth. Every breath we breathe is a sacred breath, a living force that breathes life into every thing and every one. Everything we think, speak and do ripples out and impacts all life, as thought and sound are vibration, and vibration is the fabric of life.

The greatest service that we can each offer, is to awaken to Truth, emanate the pure light of our soul - to live in harmony and reciprocity, in the heart.

This site is lovingly created by Daniela Broder and Ali Calderwood of Anima. It is dedicated in service to the awakening of consciousness, and to each of us upon this precious Mother Earth. It is an offering of love, a rescource, and sharing of the work we offer with ancient and natural healing arts.

Please browse this site to read aboutBodywork Therapies, Shamanic HealingYoga, Meditation, Sacred Ecology and Sound Medicine, as well as recipes and articles to nurture and inspire you - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our practice is currently changing as we are now based in the Highlands of Scotland. We offer sessions and mentoring online/by phone, and also continue to practice and offer retreats and events in Kent, East Sussex, London, and Scotland. Please contact us for dates and locations near you. On this site you can also find details of our private sessions, public classesworkshopsconcerts and retreats.


CallanishstonesWhat is Healing?

Since ancient times certain indigenous peoples have carried and preserved the knowledge of the ways of living in harmony with Nature (health) and in alignment with one's true purpose (our potential). These teachings have been protected and passed down through generations and provide us with a way to reconnect with the inherent purity and light within each of us; through awareness, clear perception, reciprocity, and responsibility - to live impeccably, harmonious with Creation.

Healing is the journey of uncovering where and why we have blocked the pure energy of love within our hearts, through the distortions of fear, denial and misperceptions, and to return once again to our true nature - in aligment with the calling of our individual souls.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."- Rumi.

Through unmasking the internal blockages and layers of restrictive conditioning, beliefs, negative tendencies and imprints in our luminous energy field, we can access the roots of what causes disharmonious expereiences, stress, dis-ease, and dysfunctional behavioural patterns. As these imbalances are cleared and brought into balance, our being naturally becomes more wholesome and luminous, united in body, mind and heart.

As we clear, release, take responsibility and resolve within, everything else responds - the mind becomes calm, the body is able to heal itself; we feel more at peace and by reflection, our relationships with others and the natural world become more hamonious, resonating with the light that we emanate from the hearts.mountain-and-sea

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve....You only need a heart full of grace and soul generated by love." ~ Martin Luther King

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