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Kundalini Yoga ~ Sacred Pregnancy

With Kwali Kumara, featuring sound healing music by Anima



We are delighted to share this beautiful video course by a dear friend for sacred mothers and babies within. This is a wonderful series of yoga classes filled with beauty, teachings, practices for healthy pregnancy & birth, accompanied by healing music and chants.

Experience the journey of motherhood with heightened consciousness and awareness alongside mother-to-be Kwali Kumara with her Kundalini Yoga for Sacred Pregnancy Series, accompanied by the healing music of Anima.


Practice each week with different classes specifically designed for each stage of pregnancy
Reduce stress, tension, and nervousness while improving you and your baby’s health
Raise your energetic vibration and radiance with powerful Kundalini kriyas and meditations
Cultivate deep stillness and focused intention for a beautiful and enlightening birthing experience


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