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  • Sound-Medicine-Healing-Sounds

    Sound Medicine

    A continous sonic journey into the ancient solfeggio frequencies; infused with sacred chants and prayers and multi-dimensional soundscapes.. precisely attuned to enhance the healing effect

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  • Celestial-Sounds

    Temple of the Stars

    An unforgettable journey through the stars and oceanic worlds. Each track is laden with medicinal soundscapes inspired through the spirit of sacred sound and ceremony. An uplifting and instrumental journey through sonic landscapes and tribal beats layered with flutes, overtones and whale song

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  • Temple-of-the-Heart-Soothing-Sounds

    Temple of the Heart

    Tender lyrics and sacred sounds of the heart. Interweaving crystalline vocals and soothing sounds, offering the listener a blissful experience and healing journey into the beauty and power of sacred sound

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  • Anima Fluid Mix

    Anima Fluid Mix 2009

    Over an hour of seamlessly mixed Anima tracks. A sublime journeythrough 4 years of Anima's work - Containing compositions from 2005 - 2009. Featuring 4 previously unreleased tracks

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  • Crystaligned-Dreams-Meditations

    Crystaligned Dreams

    An infusion of crystal bowls, wind chimes, medicine drum and flutes enhanced with evocative vocals crate deeply healing and soothing soundcapes, ideal for use in meditation and to aid therapeutic healing sessions

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  • Lemuria-Emerging

    Lemuria Emerging

    Inspired by the spiritual connection and alignment with our ancestors and our Great Mother, this album was recorded while living with the indigenous peoples of the Andes and Amazon Jungle

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  • Sound Medicine
  • Temple of the Stars
  • Temple of the Heart
  • Anima Fluid Mix
  • Crystaligned Dreams
  • Lemuria Emerging

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Anima’s enchanting music blends beautiful vocals with traditional sacred instruments, infused in deep ambience and spiritual soundscapes.

The inspirational words, uplifting melodies and sacred soundscapes creates a space for healing and inner journeying, moving the listener towards prescence and stillness.


  • "Anima are one of the UK's best kept secrets. Sublimly beautiful music of the highest quality, not dissimilar to the band Bliss. I would urge anyone to check out their CDs as they are something special."
    - Glenn Harrold - Diviniti Publishing & UK's Best Selling Self Help Author
  • "For those who are ready for the upliftment into the brilliance of the new frequencies, this is a sound gateway home. It bridges the ancient ways with the unspoken future realms of peace, serenity and brilliance. It is incredible.. Gaia's itunes list is radiating with your prescence!"
    Iris Kellie - Healthy Referal Newspaper
  • "I can honestly say that this was the most profound experience facilitated by music that I had ever encountered. The intensity and gentleness of spirit that infuses this music is a potent combination. I urge you to experience it for yourself. "
    - David Lucas Shaw - UK

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